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Fell off the wagon!


I've been trying to get fitter again over the last couple of months and lose a few pounds but it's so hard to stay motivated! I absolutely love my food, and a glass of wine of an evening. I would have better self restraint if my man was around but he's never here, and when he is we eat loads because he's a chef and he also loves his food (he is running around a kitchen all day though so doesn't need to diet!) Ever since I have two ops on my knee I have had to be really careful about high impact exercise so can't go running as all the places around where I live are hard surfaces, also I have a desk job which is high stress and long hours so I snack like a beast! I haven't got enough money for a gym membership either and am so stuck for ideas.

Can anyone please help with any tips/advice? I am so frustrated and feeling ugly as sin :(


  • bluegirl10
    bluegirl10 Posts: 695 Member
    How about walking, riding a bike, low imapact dvds or swimming?! You may also want to check out for exercise dvds. Just take it one day at a time and try to make healthy choices! Good Luck!
  • sflohr
    sflohr Posts: 20 Member
    I have a hula hoop, 5lb free weights, and a stability ball. All three combined can give a good workout. Walking is always great. Good luck!
  • IrraCore
    From your profile picture, you are far from being as ugly as sin! So get that out of your head. How about walking at a moderate pace to start off so you don't re-injure your knees? All you need to invest in is a good pair of walking shoes. Also for weight training, get a pair of dumbbells of better still, kettle bells, not too light but not too heavy either, around 10 pounds - they are fairly inexpensive (less that $30 for a pair) and download some weight training routines from the internet and work that into your schedule 3 days a week. As for dieting, I feel for you coz I love my food as well, and it loves me a bit too much unfortunately! There is no easy way around this but sometimes what works is being really good about keeping to a 1200 calorie/day diet for the week and giving myself an 'off' day on Saturday for instance - but just for one meal, maybe a dinner out, wine and pasta. And on that day, I make sure I exercise, and keep breakfast and lunch very light. There will be days where you fall off the wagon but you just got to pick yourself up the next day and start over - and don't beat yourself up over it. Good luck!