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Let's talk sushi... rolls.



  • Serenifly
    Serenifly Posts: 669 Member
    Avacado Roll
    Veggie Roll
    cucumber roll

    Maybe see if they offer brown rice ? a lot of places now offer Brown rice sushi

    Personally I can eat 12 pieces of Tuna Sashimi and call it a day, I live on the Pacific ocean so always fresh and wonderful sushi here!
  • ashley0616
    ashley0616 Posts: 579 Member
    SO! I got the california roll (best cali roll I have EVER had) and the spicy tuna roll... which I have never had and fully expected to have to take a hit for the "spicy sauce" - but there was none. Apparentlythe tuna is spiced some other way. I'm off to educate myself on spicy tuna! Thanks again everyone.

    They usually actually spice the tuna in those rolls. Or add wasabi, which is a sushi standard. :happy: Glad you liked your fish!
  • k8edge
    k8edge Posts: 380
    A place by me has a sweet potato roll... It is really good and simple.

    Not fish... but still very tasty.
  • thebunnies
    thebunnies Posts: 168
    when i first started eating sushi, i only wanted to eat cooked salmon rolls.. just ask if the chef can cook the salmon (or any fish). if not, you can always bring home the raw sushi & throw it on a forman grill.. sounds crazy, but i tried it once and it worked wonderfully! LOL
  • Eric0388
    Eric0388 Posts: 20
    you just picked tonight's dinner for me :-)