Eight months into my Journey

Tiggermummy Posts: 312 Member
I have a lot of stress going on in my life right now, and my weightloss is struggling because of it, so I thought I would take stock of
where I have come from and how far I have got.....

I started after christmas when I reliased my weight had ballooned to 232lb!

I am now at 192-193lb it seemed to take ages to break into onderland and another month for me to stay in it.
But I have also

dropped from a size 24 trousers to a size 16 - I can put on and do up a size 14b.ut the muffin top isn't pretty
dropped from a size 24/26 shirt to a size 20, t-shirt XXL/XL to a large.
lost 2.5 inches from my bust, thighs & calves
lost 3.5 inches from under my chest & my arms
lost 4.5% body fat
lost 6 inches from my waist
lost 8inches from my hips & my over hang ( two c-sections!!!)
gained about 2% muscle.
I have just completed my first timed 5K in 43:38
I have walked 8 miles in 2 hours
I've signed up to walk 13.1 miles for cancer research in october.

approx 232lb



  • brandimacleod
    brandimacleod Posts: 368 Member
    Good job! You have accomplished a lot already and have much to be proud of.
  • rubysparkle
    rubysparkle Posts: 362 Member
    You are doing an amazing job - keep up the good work - you're motivating me to keep going. You look fab and have progressed so much.
  • trapitt
    trapitt Posts: 93 Member
    Thank you for posting this. Your success and determination helps my motivation! Good for you. Make sure you continue to post update pictures.
  • benodie
    benodie Posts: 231 Member
    well done on your progress!! hope I can do as well as you!!

    281lbs . . .at least 100lbs to lose . . .very daunting! :)
  • SarahJaneDeschamp
    SarahJaneDeschamp Posts: 359 Member
    well done sweetie im so proud of you, you have done amazing , just keep remebering how far youve come xo
    JGARRABRANT Posts: 8 Member
    Fantastic!! Great job!
  • pverbarg
    pverbarg Posts: 490 Member
    You go girl! That's tremendous progress!!!
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