Netflix workout videos.... Decent? No?

I have Netflix and can access the streaming workout videos. But I am curious what you all think? Do you use them? If so, whats your favorite? I just need some new ideas and thought it may be worth a shot to see what everyone thinks.

Thanks in advance. :)


  • thegymbunny
    thegymbunny Posts: 602 Member
    I think if somebody liked working out with videos, they would love it. There seems to be a wide selection.

    Personally I don't care for them. But I'm sure a ton of people would/do.
  • I glanced through them awhile ago, and they all looked older and kinda cheesy. I hope someone replies with some feedback. :)
  • Calif_Girl67
    Calif_Girl67 Posts: 526 Member
    I have Netflix now and use to have Blockbuster and I get all my workout dvds from them. I use 1 for a week then return for another and so on, You can get Leslie Sansone, Jillian Michaels, Biggest Loser, Debbie Rocker and the list goes on. To me it doesn't
    matter how old they are as long as they do the job. I also look for new ones as well. Hope this helps.
  • krysydawn
    krysydawn Posts: 231 Member
    Thanks everyone! I sort of felt the same way... "old and cheesy" but I think I may give them a try on a day when I have nothing else to do. Thanks again!