NSV in my run!

Today I ran my fastest mile. Even running the whole time, the fastest I could get before last week was 11:30. Last week I shaved off 20-30 seconds and today... 10:07. I took a few 5 second breaks but it was ALL me! No walking! I'm so proud and excited. This means that now I just need to work on running more than 1 mile at a time and I should be able to do a 5k in 35 minutes or less no problem by the end of the year.


  • Jonesie1984
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  • keith0373
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    Good work! You will be faster than me soon :)
  • aippolito1
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    Doubtful, Keith!
  • Kacy
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    Great job! Shaving off seconds can make a world of difference in your time!
  • GooBeGone
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    WHOOHOO!!! that's awesome news!! :drinker: <--water

    i'm tryin 2 get as fast as u. i'm still abt 2min faster tho :frown: but i'll catch up 2 ya!!! :laugh:
  • aippolito1
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    Goo - what matters is how you race! Anyone can run fast on a treadmill, lol. I can't run very much on concrete. Wears out my legs real quick! My fastest 5k on a treadmill was 37:50, fastest 5k race on mostly road and sidewalks was like 41:something.