Extra Support and Motivation? Yes, you can have it too!!

I know each and every one of us need support and motivation to get us through this journey of becoming Fit and Healthy. Which is why some of my MFP friends and myself are part of a fantastic Facebook group! This group has so much to offer everyone! Support, Motivation, Friendship, Accountability!!

Our group was so widely successful that we had to open a SECOND group.. which is now FULL. So here we are again, Opening up group #3! -- And we need YOU, if you need US. :)

You may be asking yourself "Yeah, but what do you REALLY have to offer me?".. So I'll answer that now. Firstly and most importantly- we offer support! Along with huge amounts of Motivation. Talk about your Goals, your fears, your successes and your struggles.

We have weekly mini challenges that come in two parts. One part being diet, the other being exercise.
We weigh in on Mondays. (We do understand that everyone has different weigh in days. If you'd like, you may use those days and just post on Mondays.)

Recap- Advantages of joining our awesome group.
**The best support you could ever ask for.
**Accountability to your peers and friends.
**A place to share updates, tips, ideas and progress.
**Monday weigh ins with the announcement of who the most successful loser of the week. (% of weight lost vs other members).
**Mini-Challenges that keep us on our toes and pushing forward!
**Challenges between groups 1, 2 and 3 (us).
**CHAT! Ever just want to CHAT and not wait for a response? Yep, we do that. :)

Anyone Interested? Don't worry about outing your weight or updates in your news feed. The group is set to secrete. No one will even know you're part of the group.

Let me know below and I'll be in touch to add you to the group :) Looking forward to seeing you soon :) Please also note .... we are a small group and it will be closed when we reach 60 members.