How can I get back on track?

I'm frustrated with myself. I did really well for a while, but lately it's like a little voice in my head keeps saying, "Hey, 20 pounds lost is good enough." Well, yeah, it is good, but I'm not ready to settle there. I've only put a couple back on, nothing insurmountable, but I just don't seem to be working as hard at keeping the good eating and excercise habits I'd developed. Anyone else go through this? What did you do to get yourself motivated again? I'm hoping that once school starts up again (I'm a substitute teacher) that being back in my routine will help.


  • dls06
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    Just do it. Today is a new day and if you really want it you can do it. I think of this as my hobby. I have been doing it for over a year. Have lost all the weight I wanted in the first 6 months and still do it to maintain. It is all about loging on every day and think before you reach for anything.
  • jamie1888
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    You have to WANT it! You have to NOT be OK with only 20lbs lost!

    Think how great you felt after losing that 20; losing more will feel even better! You can do this! You CAN be a great example for the kids that you teach!
  • AggieCass09
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    i make a small goal to focus on this week: like exercising 2x or drinking water or whatever
    just something very doable that builds confidance.

    I'm a runner so ill go sign up for a race but this doesn't work for non=runners

    when snacking is my problem, i will put a post-it note on my pantry/fridge to remind me of WHY i want to be healthy
  • nicbic123
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    i am afraid to say i do this every few days.....but i think that you should just keep on logging even if you haven't had a good day....and i think eventually the habit will stick along with the actual eating x
  • Rikki444
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    Small success is not the full reward. I used to get stuck on the compliments of my initial weight loss and lost momentum for a while, and by that I mean about a year. It wasn't until I remembered the original goal and intent that I could get back on track. Remember what you desire and don't settle for less! Keep on!
  • ak248902
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  • For the best results, tracking calories, eating well, and exercising must become part of your lifestyle. As the others have mentioned, you have to want it. Remain consistent. Maintain power over poor food choices.
  • kriswigg
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    To those who mentioned always logging food, I think you're right. I was great at first about eating, making good choices was easy because I'd think, "Do I really want MFP friends to see I ate THAT?" But I've gotten lazy and if I have an off day, I just don't post my food diary. Got to get back that original way of thinking. Of course, the choices are really mine and for me, but the extra incentive of friends approving doesn't hurt!
  • dls06
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    When it comes to your health and a healthy weight is a big part, You should never stop!
  • zeeeb
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    i know how you feel. it's that subconscious self sabotaging devil on your shoulder.

    i am exercising hard still, 5x a week for an hour, but the food, i've just taken the edge off of it, so i'm not losing, just maintaining. i don't know how to get back into the right mental state, but i've just started personal training again, so i figure if nothing else, the financial waste will push me into doing it, otherwise i'm wasting a pretty significant amount of money on not losing any weight.