body gospel?

Anyone try the body gospel dvds? Opinions?

Also, I am waaaaaaayyyyy out of shape. Any beginner level dvds that you recommend?


  • knowmydestiny
    knowmydestiny Posts: 104 Member
    i started with the biggest loser cardio dvd. it lets you choose from 20 min and 2 more difficult 10 min or add them for 30 or 40 min workouts.
  • Jade_Butterfly
    Jade_Butterfly Posts: 2,963 Member
    I don't have the body gospel dvd's YET. . .lol. . I have tons of others. . I have slim in 6, turbo jam, ten min trainers. . about all the Biggest loser workouts. . . and some hip hop and yoga workouts as well as tai chi. . I am an addict. . lol

    So if you want to know about workouts. . just shoot me some ?'s. . I will tell you what I can.