MFP's Sugar Allowance

Do you think it's realistic and that it's harmful to go over?

Before exercise, I used my ENTIRE sugar allowance just on breakfast. And my breakfast was ... an apple and a fat free yougurt!!

Exercise gave me a bit more available but still, it just seems ridiculous to me. I can understand keeping the sugar allowance low to discourage us from eating sweets and biscuits but it's making me reluctant to eat fruit and that can't be healthy.


  • xraychick77
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    well..there really is no recommended amount of sugar to intake or not intake.

    usually though its around 50 grams a day of ADDED sugar..meaning the sugar you get naturally from fruits, dairy, etc dont count.

    although MFP doesnt take this into consideration. remember though intaking a LOT of sugar spikes insulin and insulin stores sugar in your fat cells. but carbs also do this..since carbs are just a complex form of sugar
  • jellybaby84
    jellybaby84 Posts: 583 Member
    50? Hmmm, interesting, I only get 24. Maybe I have my percentages a bit skewed because I upped protein and lowered carbs. I hadn't thought of that.

    Thank you!
  • laitae
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    I think percentages go up and down for me. I usually go way over my allowance only by eating a lot of fruit and muesli...And it is annoying as I know I don't put refined white sugar into my body!
  • W0zzie
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    Yes actually I have come to think the quotas given by MFP are fairly realistic in terms of recommendations.

    Check this out for all the ins & outs