Stress and weight loss, suggestions please.

So, a little background about me, I am 30, and for as long as I can remeber I have always had weight issues. My younger sisiter used to call me fat on a reguler bases. When I turned 21 I learned off a new love of my life Vodka, and juices, adn all those fattening drinks, well I went from 140 to 170! I started dating an abusive jerk. His famous line to me is "your hot, but you'll be really hot if you loose weight." or "If you ever have a baby you are not one of those girls that can loose the baby weight." Well I left him, and just couldn't seem to loose the weight. I meet my fiancee at the age of 23, feel madly inlove with him, and somehow my happiness allowed me to loose weight, I went back to 140! About a year ago, I went onto a new birth control pill, my hormones are the worst, and they decided to have it as an extended use, about easter time, I realized when none of my clothes fit, so I went on the scale, I was up to 173! I started to exercise, but the food never changed, soon after the birth control pill changed. I went down to 163, and joined MFP.

I have lost 4 pounds so far. To bad my fiancee has some extra baggage, and it is starting to be extremly stressful on me, his son, and his lack of financial responsabilities, yes he pays the mortgage, the only shared item he pays, I buyt the groceries, adn many other things. I have always been a hard worker, when we started dating I waitressed a full time job, plus a part time weekend waitressing job. I currently work full time in an insurnace office, fully licensed, to bad it's for my dad, and with my mom, I also waitress/cook on sundays. My stress is crazy, I get one day to myself, but never seem to do what I want to do, and never seem to accomplish anything.
He drives semi, working about 70 hours a week, and never seems to have any energy for me, many times I thought about leaving him, but then things get better, I also have the mortgage payment to worry about, I have looked for new jobs, but they all pay less, and I need the money, so I'm stuck.

I used to eat when I was stressed, and long walks, but neither seem to help any more, the friends I thoiught I trusted I can not, they open up and blab to everyone, so I keep it in.

What do you do to get rid of your extra stress, any and all ideas are welcomed.


  • stelid
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    "your hot, but you'll be really hot if you loose weight." or "If you ever have a baby you are not one of those girls that can loose the baby weight."

    That is so backhanded and cruel! It makes mad.

    As far as stress goes, I know what you mean. It gets tough not to just throw in the towel. I find that a scolding-hot shower or bath relieves some of the tension--really just taking some time for yourself.

    Working out is notorious for relieving stress, too.

    Also, I find that doing things for others helps me--even if its something simple like just taking my dog for a really long walk or to the park to chase the frisbee. Nothing makes him happier. And seeing him happy makes me smile. Playing with a pet or hanging out with friends/family can cause happiness and laughter.

    Sometimes I need a good laugh to get my mood up--so I watch a good, funny movie.

    These are really simple...but I hope this helps! Sorry about the stress, etc. going on!! Keep up the good work on MFP. :)
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    Thank you. I will have to try some. I'm hoping near the end of next month to start working with 2 of my 3 cats to get them to be therepy pets. I have dated a lot of real "winners" Apparently my "fiancee" I guess technical name doesn't see how unhappy I am. Especially my lack of intrest in "coloring" lately. I just don't want to "color" with someone as selfish as he is, his needs, and his friends come first, mine are last, and I can not stand that.

    The other thing I can not stand is when we go out with one of his friends, and they start checking out girls, they are all model type bodies, far from me, I'll be an hourglass figure when I loose this weight, almost quaranteed. he didn't realize how much it hurt me yesterday when they started doing that. He didn't notice I walked at a distance away from them, or stuck in the frnt seat by his friend whstling at girls, I HATE that, what a way to make a women feel low, and I slouched down, they didn't even understand why.

    Then I had him complaing about his job, well, get your own job, I helped you find your last 2 jobs, and it's your turn. I'm just sick of it, and I think it's me moving on, and growing up that's doing it.