Running App. ENDOMONDO

Hey all! Just found an application on my phone called Endomondo. I'm sure some of you have heard of it. It tracks your runs, calorie burns, and pace. I was just wondering, for those of you who have had success with it, how accurate it is? Also, any tips to using it would be helpful. I am running my first half marathon in october, so I feel like this would be good for me. Thanks in advance!!!!!


  • Pink_turnip
    Pink_turnip Posts: 280 Member
    I use it for tracking distance when I hike and love it. I don't know how accurate it is with the built in calorie counter, but I'm still happy with it.
  • sufikitkat
    sufikitkat Posts: 596 Member
    I personally have tried that, Runstar, Cardio Trainer, and Runkeeper. The most accurate for me and my phone was Runkeeper. Their website community is pretty great too. However, I know others that have different smartphones and service that had better luck with the others. Definitely try it, nothing to lose!
  • jetscreaminagain
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    I use micoach from addidas on my Droid. Similar thing but really robust website with lots of traiming plans that you can customize. Tech support is awesome and you can use it for biking and xcountry skiing too. It'll coach you around pace based on an assessment run (so you can do intervals or long and slow or whatever) I love it and its totally free. WAY better than Nike+ which was *not* free.
  • Broken_
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    I use Runkeeper as well. Love it!

    I used Endomondo for awhile, but it bugged a lot and didn't seem accurate.