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SO my fiancee is a very picky eater, basically beef is his main protein. He will eat fried chicken, but only from a store, I have introduced a few new things that he has liked, but Pork, is not a favorite of his, only BBQ, and once in awhile shake N Bake. I did get him to eat a little of a new way, I call them Mexican style Pork Chops. I bought some lean, boneless center cut chops, seasoned with dry mustard, celery salt, and chili powder, homemade from my dad! Browned them ina skillet with a small amount of olive oil, and added a jar of salsa and let simmer.

Tonight I'm going to cut up the leftover chops, and have Pork tacos for me, and ground beef tacos for my fiancee, with rice and beans.
Does anyone have any great Pork ideas, I can try to get him to eat? I'm trying to retrain his tastes.


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    For my husband I put two slices of pepperoni and and some sliced mushroom onto a cooked pork loin piece and I also melt a little reduced fat cheese on top and my hubby loves this.
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    That sounds yummy! I will have to try that.
  • You could always do a healthier version of pulled pork. I put the boneless chops in the crock pot, add some sauted onion and bell pepper and then mix it all together with a low fat/low cal BBQ sauce (2 Tablespoons is one serving) like:

    Hunt's Hickory & Brown Sugar: 70 calories, 15g sugar*

    Kraft Thick 'n Spicy: 70 calories, 13g sugar

    Kraft Original: 60 calories, 13g sugar

    KC Masterpiece: 60 calories, 12g sugar

    Hunt's Original Barbecue Sauce: 60 calories, 11g sugar

    Naturally Delicious Honey: 45 calories, 11g sugar

    Jack Daniels Spicy Original: 45 calories, 9g sugar

    Bone Suckin' Sauce: 40 calories, 8g sugar

    Naturally Delicious Original: 40 calories, 8g sugar

    Throw it all in a pita bread or a whole wheat roll!
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    That's another great idea as well! I appreciate everyones help. Eating healthy isn't that hard for me, after a week of doing it my gut hates anything greasy! It is harder for my fiancee. If I could only get the two of us to be OK with ground turkey, I really dislike it, I do not mind smoked turkey.