NSV...trying on jeans

So I went to the mall with my stepchildren on vaction and the oldest wanted to go in American Eagle to find jeans for her first day of High school...She picked out her size (which is a 0) So while I was waiting for her, I decided to just for FUN to try on a pair of
size 2 jeans (keep in mind that I have NEVER been a size 2 in my life, usually any where from a 8 to tight 4) I slipped them on and they FIT!!!! In fact the waist was gapped at the back still... I almost bought them but we weren't there for me to buy clothes!!!! BUT I was shocked they fit!!!

Just wanted to share that lil success in my weight loss journey....thanks to all my MFP friends and support group :)


  • LovingMe19
    LovingMe19 Posts: 380 Member
    Wow! That is awesome! I hope one day I can be there too! Congrats!
  • lpeacock06
    lpeacock06 Posts: 212 Member
    That's awesome! I was a size 0 in HS then 2-4....now 6-8 I have a size 2 dress I hope to get into someday!!!
  • shellbell1993
    shellbell1993 Posts: 315 Member
    Thanks guys if I can do it you can do it!!!!!!!!! Good Luck
  • Mahlissa
    Mahlissa Posts: 128
    you are beautiful :))))
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