ROund Steak and Gravy

lgwmab Posts: 274 Member
I tried to add this to reipes, but would only let me put in ingredients.

Beef Round Steak
brown Gravy Mix ( can use pre made if you like.)
Red Onion
Mushrooms (fresh or canned)

My amounts are not exact to anything, but I'm sure anyone who can cook can figure this out.

Brown the round steak in a skillet, make the gravy on the side. Cut the onion to your liking, I usually slice in half, and then just slice like for on a hamburger, add to meat, add mushrooms, I use canned, and drain them off. Add gravy, and let simmer for at least 2 hours. I usually brown the round steak, and put everything into a slow cooker the night before, then let it go on low all day while I am at work, make mashed potatoes, and green beans when I get home, and dinner is ready. Usually in the slow cooker the gravy is runnier then in the pan. Also since, the gravy is higher in sodium, I do not add salt to the vegetables, or mashed potatoes,and also leave the skins on the mashed, for my vitamins.