Injury NSV!

aippolito1 Posts: 4,894 Member
So I got "injured" at the beginning of the summer - not technically an injury, but popping my neck for 10+ years caused MAJOR shoulder pain - so I had to quit lifting because I couldn't use my right shoulder. After a couple times of going to the gym only to work my legs and doing cardio, I got sick of it. I was bummed I couldn't lift weights 'cause that's my favorite thing to do... so I just quit working out. Big mistake. I gained a good 10 lbs. Well, I've gotten 4 of those off now... and last night I was FINALLY able to lift as heavy as I was before my injury. I used my boyfriend's 25 lb dumbbell to do bicep curls using both hands (used to do 25 lbs on the preacher curl machine at the gym - LOVE it). I also used 10 lbs to do overhead tricep ?extensions? (the ones where you bend your elbow up and then lift your arm so it's straight above your head?) - only 2.5 lbs lighter than before my injury...

I feel like a beast. And I'm SO excited to be "back"!


  • ItsMeLori
    ItsMeLori Posts: 346
    Over 3 months ago I pulled my groin muscle and hamstring muscle. I couldn't hardly walk for a while but as soon as I could I walked really slow and did upper body workouts. I was so discouraged but I never gave up. I cleaned up my diet and did what I could. I am still healing so I have to be careful but time is healing it. After all this time I think I tore something but never went to the doctor.

    Injuries suck when you want to workout.
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