Story Time!

I have a feel good story for all. As it being Wednesday, we all have slumps, and dumps, adn we all need something to feel good about.

My fiancee and I have a friend who needs to loose about 175 pounds, at the same time he realized he needed to loose the weight, I knew I needed a push to get my weight lose in the right direction, and a good friend turned my towards MFP, at first I didn't think anything of it, now, I am addicted, I love MFP, I love all my friends, and the support everyone shares with each other.
I week or so in to MFP I had lost between 3-5 pounds, our friend lost 5 pounds, eating salads and chicken, I told him that's great, I suggested to do some exercises, and look to MFP, it's a free app on his phone, and he can enjoy more then just chicken and salads to loose weight. He said No, he can't count calories. I thought OK, my weight will stay off in the long run.

My fiancee has been very supportive of me doing this, he has even been trying to eat better, and tells me "You just keep getting hotter." He even wants me to exercise nude for him, it's not helping, I want to loose the jiggle, but not feel the jiggle more. last night we went out for dinner, I've ate food out while on MFP, so no big deal to me, but I knew going into the restaurant, I didn't want a salad, I also didn't want something deep fried, or swimming in oil and greasy goodness, yes, it tastes good,but I didn't want it. As I looked thru the menu, I also looked to MFP to help stear me in the right direction, I ended up getting Italian baked chicken, really it was just half a chicken, quartered, topped with Italian flavored bread crumbs, and seasoned. I love the garlic bread at this restaurant, so of course, I had a piece of that, and cream of spinach soup, very yummy, I also skipped a startch, I didn't feel like it, and knew I wouldn't eat it, so why waste. The entire time I decided what to eat, he heckled about me making my decision, and how I couldn't go over my calories. I told him I could eat whatever I want, I know if I go over my calories, I just need to burn them off when I got home, no big deal. I ate my soup, the small chicken breast, and the wing, 1 piece of garlic bread, and the soup, I was full. Our friend had a 7 inch French dip, loaded up with beef, and waffle fries, swimming in ketchup, he even went thru the entire soup cup of aue jus, loaded with salt, he even commented about it, but still ate all of it. He then looked at me and went on for about 5 minutes about how I was still hungry, far from the truth, I was satisfied, and not complaining about eating to much. I realized, when my weight is off, it will stay off, and MFP is teaching me how to be healthier, how to exercise, and eat a balanced diet. That you can enjoy food, and not go over board.
My fiancee looked at me in the car, and said "he is jealous that I am doing something, he can not. That I am doing great, and to keep up the hard work, I only get sexier everyday."

My point I am trying to make is, their is always someone who will be jealous of your success, and hard work, when they get you to the point you want to give up, don't give up, just push harder, they will feel worse about themselves for trying to put you down. Don't look at the weight loss as a competition, we all have our goals, be it 5 pounds-105 pounds, support each other, and realize, one person may loose 1 pound a week, another person will loose 5, we are all at different points of weight loss, and doing different things.

I am so proud to be a part of the MFP community, and brag about how well everyone is doing!