Measuring eggs to log with or without shell?

The nutrition information for my eggs is measured in grams, and I always put the egg on my food scale and log it before cracking it into the pan. However, it just occurred to me - am I overestimating my cals since I don't eat the eggshell? Basically, should I weigh my eggs to log before or after cracking them?

I had this same issue with bananas before I found out you weigh them after peeling.


  • nehushtan
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    If you eat the shell, weigh it too.
  • reese66
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  • gunther0013
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    There are many different variations of eggs already in the program. Just search for egg medium or egg large. Eggs have been the same since the dawn of time. No sense in measuring them.
  • plantgrrl
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    You should always measure "without refuse." So you weigh a nectarine AFTER you pit it, Egg without shell, Banana without peel, Etc. It's the most accurate way to do it. I find a bowl to be handy for this purpose. I just "zero" the scale after I put the bowl on, then add whatever I'm trying to weigh. :) On the other hand you're increasing your calorie deficit without much thought. ;)
  • DiabeticAlien
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    The nutrition value listed on a carton of eggs is accurate for that brand of egg...and without the shell.
  • candicole007
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    If you eat the shell, weigh it too.

    I almost spit oatmeal out on that one LOL

    The egg carton is handy though - go by that, or I keep a clean paper plate on my scales like someone else mentioned also
  • jo_marnes
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    Is it me or does egg shell weigh next to nothing anyway? I hardly think it would make much difference!!
  • sugarbone
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    Alright, thank you! I'm very anal about weighing all my food which is why it bothered me. Thanks again.
  • RNewton4269
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    I dont' weigh eggs. I just count it like a medium egg or egg whites if that is what I use.