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Runners- Sweating indoors vs outdoors

prettyinpink246prettyinpink246 Posts: 59Member Posts: 59Member
My question is about sweating while running. I was wondering what happens to other people in terms of sweating when you run indoors vs outdoors. I am just questioning to see if more people are like me or the fact that I might just be an odd ball :) When I run indoors on the treadmill I do 3.5 miles. By the time I am done I am sweating BUCKETS...its so gross. But, I noticed that when I run outside I sweat less. I don't quite get it because my course for running outdoors is much faster and definitely more challenging. Indoors I run flat the whole 3.5 miles and outdoors I have a gazallion hills, as soon as I come off a hill I have another. I was just wondering do you sweat more indoors or outside even though the workout is the same or harder? ( I do know that you can have a breeze outside, but honestly, I don't run so fast that I have a breeze constantly hitting me and 99% of the time there is a TON of humidity so its like running through thick air....gross lol).


  • killagbkillagb Posts: 3,349Member Member Posts: 3,349Member Member
    The big difference is the breeze you create by running...when you're on a treadmill, you are stationary and not creating any sort of breeze....when running are moving against the air, creating a breeze on yourself as you run.
  • jennybenny76jennybenny76 Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
    I am thinking the body heat within the building... I mean outside your running in an open space... ***shrug*** just a thought ;-)
  • fitinyoga14fitinyoga14 Posts: 448Member Member Posts: 448Member Member
    This happens to me as well, you are not weird! I sweat a lot more indoors! I always assume it is because of wind though, because although it may not seem windy outside, there is a lot more air movement than indoors!
  • sneezlessneezles Posts: 165Member Member Posts: 165Member Member
    I run indoors and do sweat a lot. I do have the window a/c cranked, a small fan blowing directly at me plus the fan integrated into the controls on the treadmill but I still sweat. Today I did 11 miles and had trouble getting the clothes off afterwards!
  • grouch201grouch201 Posts: 404Member Posts: 404Member
    I am thinking the body heat within the building... I mean outside your running in an open space... ***shrug*** just a thought ;-)

    Lack of wind means you don't have anything to cool you off. Sweat is really only beneficial if there's air moving to cool it off. When you're on a treadmill, you're really stationary without wind. Outside, you're actually moving and have the air movement to cool you thus less need to sweat.
  • deClairedeClaire Posts: 225Member, Premium Member Posts: 225Member, Premium Member
    Hi I don't think it's just about breeze - it must also be to do with temperature. Is outside cooler? Heat transfer could be causing the sweat to evaporate quicker when outside. Maybe it's psychological and you feel more stifled indoors lol!
  • prettyinpink246prettyinpink246 Posts: 59Member Posts: 59Member
    Thanks everyone! :) Yea I mean I run outside when its 90 degrees sometime, so its much hotter outside then inside. It makes sense that im moving through air even though I feel like im in a steam shower/sauna when I run outdoors :/ Go figure! I mean I think its just weird that I wear less clothes working out indoors and sweat more, yet I wear layers of clothes when outside and sweat less lol
  • cantcatchupcantcatchup Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    To be honest, and on a completely different note, steam shower can help with the aches and pains. My brother has one fitted in his house - massively jealous! He bought it from Di Vapor and had it fitted like a normal shower (

    Hope that helps..
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