Starting Over in CT

Hello, my name is Megan. I am 28 years old and just moved to central CT with my husband and our three children. I am not working right now, so I am dedicating myself to getting back in shape. I'm hoping to make some friends on MyFitnessPal to keep me in check and motivated. Good luck to all on their journeys!


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    good luck to you as well. Many years ago my hubs was in the Navy and we used to live in NOrwich. We now live in MN!!! Its so nice when we can take time to concentrate on us! Trust me, your kids will be proud of you and its not selfish to think about you :)
  • MotivateMeg
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    Thank you! My husband just actually got out of the Navy. :) I was looking at your pictures and it looks like you have had amazing success with your weight loss.. That is awesome!

    My kids are all finally school age, so I figure I have while they are in school to work on me. :)
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    Branford, CT here. Welcome to the site and good luck!
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    Welcome to MFP and CT! I'm 20 mins away from you!!
  • MotivateMeg
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    Thanks Brent and Bella! It feels good to be here, I feel like I will finally achieve my goals this time!
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    Welcome! I live in southeastern CT feel free to add me as a friend
  • Megan, welcome! I am new to the site as well. My name is Shannon, I am a 54 yr old newlywed. Since moving to Virginia to be with my now husband, I gained all the weight back i had lost when I was alone in Indiana. it is very hard to diet when the other person is eating such wonderful meals! Since our wedding, i have put both of us on a diet. I have lost 40 pounds since January, but need some support and friendly chat to keep me on the straight and narrow. hope to hear from you and make more friends with members. hugs and good luck, Shannon :happy:
  • MotivateMeg
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    Hi Shannon, nice to meet you! :) Don't you hate how when you are happy, you find yourself gaining weight? The same happened to me! I think my newfound initiative is already rubbing off on the husband.. he woke up and went for a run this morning. I'm going to make him join MyFitnessPal too! I think it really helps to have people cheering you on. I just moved to CT from NY 2 weeks ago, so my cheering section is pretty limited.
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    Hey Girl! I'm from Connecticut as well and 32 years old. Welcome to the state! Friend me if you'd want. I'd love to help with your cheering section!
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    Welcome to CT!
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    hi megan and welcome:) where in ny did u live? you could do this. just take it one day at a time. the support here is great
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    Welcome to MFP! This is a great place for great friendship and motivation! Feel free to add me! By the way, I live very close to Middletown!!
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    Hey Gail, I am originally from Mayville, NY about an hour and a half south of Buffalo and then lived in Buffalo for a couple years and then was in Saratoga Springs for the past 5 1/2 years.

    Thanks everyone. this seems like the place to be! :)