Just wanting to introduce myself

Hi all! I've been on MFP for about a month and a half ....just spending time getting settled in.....
I just wanted to introduce myself.My name is Kim(KickinKim 418) I have about 11 more pounds to go till I reach my first goal! After that, I'd like to lose an additional 2-3 pounds. I've been doing the Couch to 5K program and am currently on week 6. In between that, I'm lifting a little weights here and there and doing Jillian Michaels trouble zone dvd.
I'm feeling healthier already!

I started this program when I weighed 162 pounds.
Currently, I'm 151 pounds.
Cant wait to get to 140 lbs.
After that, I would REALLY LOVE to be between 136-138.

I'm looking for support. Feel free to add me....

Thanks everyone..this site is amazing!!!


  • sherismb
    sherismb Posts: 120 Member
    Hi Kim, you can add me if you like. I'll support you to the end, LOL. Have a great weekend!
  • AlwaysSarah87
    Hi Kim. You can add me as well! Same with anyone else! Always looking for more support!
    MNMJUNKIE Posts: 26 Member
    Hey Kim..Youcan add me if you'd like!! Im about where you are at..151 pds..trying to get to 140...but will be happy at 135!!! Have a great weekend!!!
  • hyde1977
    hyde1977 Posts: 476 Member
    Great Job so far....please feel free to add me if you would like!!! always looking to provide support and get it!!!! This site rocks!
  • sayambular
    Welcome and good luck on your journey!!!
  • fit4lyfeLisa
    fit4lyfeLisa Posts: 529 Member
    Wecome to MFP, and good luck with your weight loss journey!!!
  • onmyweightohappiness
    Welcome to MFP and good luck!