NSV - Dress & Shoes!

I am and probably always will be a tom-boy at heart.
I don't dress up for work unless I have a meeting to go to as I change into scrubs when I get there and they are really not flattering to many. [ i have gone from XL scrubs to L I could go to M tops but the trousers are still a little too tight]
This weekend I had a big family party (40th Wedding aniversary) and I needed something to wear and having lost 40+lb I decided to go a little mad.... with the help of a friend twisting my arm I bought a dress - my youngest daughter has never seen me in one, and I think my eldest last saw me wear a ankle length skirt at her sisters christening - and they are 4.5 and 2.5!
She also persuaded me to buy high heels - I don't normally wear anything over an inch tops - I have broken my left ankle twice and my right once. I have a plate and nine screws from the last time I wore heals and they were 2 inch wedges....

So roll on tonight and I have to say I really enjoyed myself some great compliements from people who know me, I spent way more time on my feet that I intended and other than the balls of my feet being a little sore at the end no other rubs or sore spots.

Now for the important stuff as promised pictures the dress is a size 18 curvy ( it is cut for the larger bust) and the shoes were a size smaller than I have worn in the past as a 7!


and for reference this is me in 2011 before MFP!


My eldest daughter's reaction was "mummy you're beautiful" the youngest's was "mummy you look silly", she didnt think I looked like mummy and wanted me to put on trousers and a t-shirt :ohwell:

edited:missed a pic!


  • StaceyL76
    StaceyL76 Posts: 711 Member
    Awesome. Very happy for you. Glad you enjoyed the evening.

    I get to play dress up soon and I am a bit excited for it. = )
  • Congrats!! You look beautiful!!:happy:
  • MiladyMetal
    MiladyMetal Posts: 184 Member
    You look great and I love the colour of your dress! I giggled a little at your other daughter's comment. That is kids for ya. My son (6 years old) doesn't say I look fat anymore. LOL I guess that is comforting. LOL Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new you, it really flatters you! :drinker: :wink:
  • Wow! You and your daughters look beautiful together. :happy: And those shoes are gorgeous!
  • You and your daughters look lovely, lovin those killer heels too !!!!:happy:
  • flausa
    flausa Posts: 534 Member
    I've been waiting for this! Really love the pic at the bar where you are smiling and showing off those legs (and the shoes, of course). What a difference, and you are looking great! Here's to continuing on the journey. :drinker:
  • You looked fab - told you you could carry of those shoes!!!! I'll let you get your own back on me when I've lost my stone!!!:happy:
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