Zumba DVD Suggestions Anyone?

I was going to a Zumba Toning class once a week but the dance studio where I take it is closing in a couple weeks. I was thinking of getting a Zumba DVD but I don't know which is best.

Does anyone have a any suggestions?



  • Zumba Fitness party for the Wii
  • jenvens
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    I'd say to get the whole set if you can...they have many different videos and it's nice to add a variety to your workout...oh and...don't tell anyone, but you can get them a heck of a lot cheaper on eBay! Good luck and shake your tail-feathers!
  • camckinney
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    I picked up the DVD pack with the toning sticks at a garage sale. I love it! I would suggest looking on craigslist for a set.
  • Well, I was going to my gym Zumba classes and LOVED LOVED IT! - Unfortunately our GREAT instructor changed gyms and I was unable to go to her class anymore. A lot of people loved her as she really enjoyed her class and she made it fun!

    I decided to buy the CD's and spent over $70 (uurrhhhhgggg) .... wasted my money. Almost a year later - the CDs are still in the box as I don't find it exciting anymore. Is not the same to do it at home by yourself than do the classes with a bunch of people. (that's just my opinion and experience with the CDs).

    You might be able to google Zumba classes around your neighborhood and probably sign up for classes.

    Good luck! :D
  • I purchased Zumba Exhilarate Collection and I L O V E it! it's a great workout. I had been running on the treadmill and was very bored with that. I love to dance and this was definitely the answer, there are 7 DVDs with the set I have done all but one (Fitness Concert) and it's great. I started my Zumba workouts on August 12, 2011 and I still love it, I have noticed a difference in my clothes and my body in general. I had to force myself to do something else just so I can switch my workouts up a bit (something I try to do periodically) but I can not wait to get back to my Zumba workouts! I have heard some people say they liked the original set better (I will purchase that one as well) but the exhilarate set has been a great purchase for me. I have recommended it to many of my friends who are also watching what they eat and increasing their exercise.
  • GCPgirl
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    Thanks all!
    I had originally gone to www.zumba.com to find one near me. One was so low impact that the instructor read the dance steps from her notes, another was so crowded they told me I might not be able to join if I showed up for the class and the one I was doing is the best one because the teachers are like drill instructors...but they are the ones closing :(