Low(ish) Impact Exercise DVD?

Please suggest one. I plan on buying a DVD player this weekend.

I'm currently in fairly good shape. I have a Gazelle Edge "elliptical" and a stair stepping machine that I've been using for over a year and I'm almost on week 6 of C25K. I do have a bone disease that affects my joints, so I'm not sure if I can do something like 30 Day Shred (I keep reading about knee pain on this one) or P90X. I am about 20 lb away from my goal weight at this point, and I would like something that has the potential for a high calorie burn. Since I'm not so large anymore, I only burn ~300 calories/hr doing most exercises.

I would prefer one where I don't want to kill the host.

Thanks for any help! :bigsmile:


  • trud72
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    the shred is quite a hard work out if you are not used to it and the p90x is like the shred but pimp it up alot and then put it on steroids! lol
    i would not recomend this unless yopu are pretty fit to start with!
  • Yoga or pilates?

    I go to a yoga class so I can't recommend a dvd but it's a lot lower impact than the shred (which I'm also doing)

    One thing I have done is add a load of yoga and pilates DVDs on to my Love Film list with the intention of doing each one once for the variety. I don't know what you would have in the US but it's DVD rental through the post. They all get a bit boring if it's the same one each time.
  • Cait_Sidhe
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    I've been considering the yoga/pilates ones. I'm just not sure. The covers of the DVD's always look so boring. I did have a Crunch Pilates DVD that I used to do a few years ago, and it did kick my butt without damaging my joints. But I am in better shape now than I was then, so I'm not sure if it would have the same effect.
  • Cait_Sidhe
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    I should mention that I also do not have a very good amount of floor space.
  • Yeah they are a bit boring to buy. You need variety for your mind and body. Are there any classes near you? A good teacher will help you modify poses if needs be.
  • Cait_Sidhe
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    There is a gym that offers classes, but I don't belong to it (yet). I am currently working 2 jobs and take public transportation so I have to get my exercise in when I can. The reason I exercise at home is because with the hours I work and the buses I take, it's hard to get to a gym.