I'm new here, too!

I started on Tuesday at the recommendation of a friend. I am at least 150 pounds overweight, but I put my goal as 50 pounds for now. Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, but I'm thinking I'd be really discouraged if that butterfly never seemed to move! :happy:
I've been off and on diets my whole life, but this time I'm praying hard that this time I stick with it and succeed!


  • Best of luck in your journey! I bet you will lose those 50 and then start on the next 50 and lose that as well! :)
  • MochaBlues
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    WElcome Helen! You will succeed- you've already started with the 1st step, remember one day at a time! Good luck in your journey, love the profile pic btw!
  • dmpizza
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    Best of luck Heat Miser.
  • Welcome! It's ok to start with 50 and move on from there. Little steps will get you to your big goal. Good luck with your weight loss journey. Feel free to friend me if you like.
  • Best of luck to you - this site is very good as long as you log EVERYTHING you eat. Even though I am not in the needing to lose weight stage, I continue to log my meals and exercise to keep me motivated not to slip.
  • Hi, I started here about six weeks ago. I want to lose 50 pounds and then another 50 after that. I was recently diagnosed with prediatebes and that has gotten my attention! I love the tools myfitnesspal provides and log in every day to track my food and exercise. My favorite tool is the recipe calculator!

    Good luck! If I can do it, I know you can!