NVS x 2

I have been faffing around over the same 2-3lb over the last month. my weight is around 190.4 just can't seem to get it under the 190 and family circumstances have left me not really following properally, but I felt that I still have a long way to go, and occasionally life is going to give us little bumps in the road, but we have to learn to ride them out and carry on, if this road was easy no-one would be overweight.
I survived being on holiday for just over a week - camping with family and didnt gain any more - which considering we had fish & chips three times durning the week is amazing [ we only go there once a year - at it is worth an extra lap or two!]
I've had to concentrate this week on getting my water levels back up.

This morning I woke in a rush, catching a train tonight to my Dad's and needed a clean pair of trousers, grabbed a pair off the top of the pile without really concentrating, put them on and carried on rushing around to get out the house -then I realised the jeans I had put on were my latest goal trousers - the last time I tried them on they produced a muffin top that was too big to get away with, they are a little snug - but not a "split your seams if you sit down to fast" snug - and hopefully I won't be walking around trying to keep pulling them up all the time.

They are a UK Size 14!!!! :happy: as are my Knickers too!!!! I started this journey as a UK 24
I went from childrens clothes into womens 14's at 15 - I can't believe I am back in them - and I still have about 40lbs to go.
I am starting to wonder what size I could wear when I reach goal weight.......

This has really given me a lift today - and helped to remind me that it is all worth it in the end.


  • ingeh
    ingeh Posts: 513 Member
    whoo congrats1 I got into the uk 14s 2 weeks ago and am so pleased. Iv got a pair of 12s hung up waiting but at the mo my bum is blocking them from going on lol
  • That is great!
  • xnattiex
    xnattiex Posts: 143 Member
    Thats fantastic well done :) x
  • flausa
    flausa Posts: 534 Member
    So pleased for you! First that gorgeous blue dress and now skinnier trousers - fabulous!
  • ColoradoRobin
    ColoradoRobin Posts: 510 Member
    Way to go! The scale may not move sometimes but dropping sizes shows that you're still losing fat!
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