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In these 2 months on here I've added tons of great people as friends. Now I'm looking for some people out there with a life close to mine. I'm 42, divorced, 2 kids, good job, good friends......but not much of a social life (which I miss). I weighed 130 when I got pregnant with my daughter who is 16 and was 132 when I got pregnant with my 13 year old son. I gained 30 and 28 lbs respectively. I have managed 4 times since my son was born to get back up to my baby delivering weight of 160. This time (after my divorce and bad dating choices) I let it go to 170. (I gave up on dating for now!) Totally disgusted with myself I decided I better get on top of this problem now. I am an emotional eater and it seems I have many emotions!! With the way I like to eat I'm shocked that I don't weigh 260 lbs. I LOVE food. My best friend tells me I won't be happy with myself until I lose weight and then reminds me that in order to meet a great guy you have to love yourself first. And how can you love yourself when you are disgusted when looking in a mirror? So that is what I'm going to try and work on - losing weight and loving myself. Anyone out there with some good tips I will gladly accept them!!!!


  • guineverantha
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    I don't have a ton in common with you (my kids are younger), but I'd love to friend you on here anyway! :) And, sadly, I have no tips on weight loss; otherwise, I wouldn't be on this site. :) Except that you have to keep at it, keep at it, keep at it. I eat terribly almost every weekend, but I just have to get back up and keep at it. Good luck to you; I hope you meet your goals.
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    Hi, Catherine!

    I can't say our lives are similar, but I can say you're in the right place for support!!

    I love your friend is supportive, and I recognize I don't know you... but I think she might have it in the wrong order. I think you have to get happy with yourself, THEN you'll lose the weight! Sounds like you're making strides in that direction and I applaud you!

    So here's my best tip: Work the hardest on yourself and what you LOVE about being you... make healthier choices more often than not... work on embracing yourself now (and when you lose each pound)... and keep your mind open for love.

    Best of luck to you!