Depression and weight loss battle

I have been struggling with fighting my depression (including emotional eating) and losing weight for a long time but here lately it seems difficult. I have recharged my motivation and i'm ready to attack full force but I was hoping there are some of you guys out there who would like to be my friend that are going through the same thing or something similar?

I am great need of some type of support group in this regard and there are none here where i live so i figure i will take it to the message boards! Friend me if you would like to :)


  • Amy911Gray
    Amy911Gray Posts: 685 Member
    I'll "friend" you...It's not hard when you have friends! :)
  • SarahBear9708
    I understand completely. When I've had a bad day I tend to be an emotional eater too, especially bad for me stuff chocolate or ice cream or whatever. You know what though? Regular exercise can help ease depression and of course help with weight loss. I find it helps me sometimes. Anyways, if you'd like another friend, feel free to add me. We can help each other out :)
  • srandle175
    I sent you a friend request. I am here if you need a friend. I hope everything works out!!!
  • getskinnyk8
    I'm in a similar situation! I eat emotionally all the time, and I realize it's about time I do something about it. I realize that eating emotionally makes me even more sad...and at some point, I need to stop the viscous cycle! I'm with you girl, we can support each other :)
  • gklangdon
    gklangdon Posts: 80 Member
    I'm an emotional eater too and I'd like to get off this roller coaster. Maybe we could friend each other and help support and motivate each other. I know we can do it. Sometime it's easier with friends who don't judge.