finally a SV!

it's seems to have been a long time coming and only just but I have finally broken into the 180's!

scale this morning 189.6 whoooooo!!!!

14.6lbs to go to my next big target - getting out of obese caterogory and just into overweight!


  • Soccer_chick916
    Soccer_chick916 Posts: 159 Member
    Great job!!
  • thats great, keep it up x
  • flausa
    flausa Posts: 534 Member
    Pardon me while a stop and do a happy dance for you! So pleased with your continued excellent progress.
  • Papillon22
    Papillon22 Posts: 1,160 Member
    yay! keep up the good work! :flowerforyou:
  • Way to go! I can still "see" those words written on my chart at the doctors office from many years ago..."obese white female". I was devastated and vowed to lose the weight and never look back! I have had ups and downs since then, but I have never been that heavy again. Congrats again and here's to meeting all of your goals! :)
  • Congratulations!! :) Well done on your success. The weight you're at now is actually my goal for xmas xx
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