Flying by the seat of our skinny little pants (closed group)

Hello Ladies!

How are you all doing today? You area doing so great with foods and exercise :) Keep it up!

We start our "Fly the world" NEXT WEEK!!! Are you as excited as I am ? I think we will be ca-RU-sin' :glasses:

So we know we want to exercise more to get there quicker, and we know we want to burn all kinds of calories....but tell me, what are some of your other goals while doing this? Maybe some mini goals to be met along the way?

I'll start:
I am hoping to tone up a lot more, it is my goal to be able to do at least 5 pushups....I have never been able to do push ups in my life so this is a serious goal for me. I am taking a dance class from an instructor who I think will be demanding in that area anyway.
I'm going to be realistic about weight, I seem to not be able to lose it too quickly, so I'm going to say 3 pounds lost, with a size loss of being able to wear size 12 (US) with it being loose on me. (I fit into 12 now, but they JUST fit)

Ok, it's your turn....go!!!


  • I want to be able to fit back into my skinny jeans COMFORTABLY. I can squeeze them on now, and even zipper them. Moving in them, though, is another issue altogether.
    Also, I want to be able to up the pounds of at least 1/2 of the machines in my 30 minute workout room at the gym. I could do this now, but 1/2 way through the allotted time I would either have to stop, take a break, or lower the weight again.

    ZumbaQ, good luck to you and toning up! My legs are starting to get much better toned after just 3 weeks at the gym and I am loving the process :D

    We can do this! Let's work our butts off!!
  • khk2010
    khk2010 Posts: 451 Member
    My goal is to get my motivation to exercise back. It has been wavering lately and I haven't been working out as much.

    4 classes at the Y gym this week.
    1-2 walks.
  • I really just want to lose all my 'baby fat' I dont want to feel like a complete fat failure around all the skinny girls that try to hang around my husband. I want to feel good about myself! I want to be able to run around and play with my son without losing my breath!
    I want to fit in pre pregnancy clothed
    I want a flat stoamch, smaller legs and arms and collar bones!

    Im really excited to be about of this group! You ladies all seem amazing!
  • Soccer_Chick
    Soccer_Chick Posts: 204 Member
    I can't wait to get started! Zumba, can I offer a suggestion for the push-ups? Please look into the 100 Push-Up Challenge! I started training for this a few weeks ago and it has made a huge improvement in my upper body strength. You can check it out online and you can even buy an app for your phone or ipod touch! I think you might love it!