Training for a Marathon!

Hi MFP friends! I am currently in training for the California International Marathon taking place in Sacramento Ca. on Dec 4, 2011. This will be my 1st marathon. I am looking for any advice I can get.

The one issue I am most worried about is what to eat while I'm train. I know I need to add more carbs to my diet. Do any of you runners have recipes or suggestions on what types of carbs I should be eating? Currently I'm looking to add more wheat pasta and brown rice to my diet????

Also what are some of the things you would carry with you on your long runs? I have been adding coconut water to my water bottle for electrolyte replacement and potassium. I also carrying power gels (which I have used yet, I'm afraid it will be icky), homemade shakeology/almond butter power balls, and slices of bananas. Does anyone else do this? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for in advance for any suggestions or advice, Kelly :flowerforyou:


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    I'm in training for a marathon on Nov. 5. I usually just eat a normal healthy diet - not specifically carbs. Before a run, I eat oatmeal and a banana which has worked well for me. I carry Gu gels along the run and take one every 45min. They aren't bad. My favorite Gu is chocolate outrage (tastes like brownie batter). Also the Gu 'chomps' are great because they stick with you longer than the gels. Good luck to you. :flowerforyou:
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    oh - and when you take Gu gels or chomps - make sure to take with water - they definitely need to be diluted to prevent tummy troubles.
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    I am training for the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30th. I like the Barilla Pasta Plus which has some protien added in. I make the spaghetti with sauce and ground chicken.

    I use gels as well during the long runs, every 4-6 miles depending on how I feel. I also pick up a few gummy bears at the water stops. I also start with Accelerade in my water bottle.

    I love the Endurox recovery drink. It tastes great after my long run and has a 1:4 ratio of proteins and carbs. You can eat the same ratio in whole foods but after a long run I don't have much of an appetite so it helps me get the nutrients replenished quickly.

    Good luck!! Happy training!!
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    Good luck! CIM is an awesome race, I've done it twice (my two fastest marathons).

    Not sure if you from the area, but be sure to train for hills. CIM is a fast course and a net downhill, but it rolls up and down quite a bit for the first 18-19 miles. After than it is pretty much flat to the finish.

    Use your training runs to figure out your nutrition. All the brands and flavors of gels, blocks and beans is really about personal preference. So try lots of different things to see what you like,
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