Heart Rate

When I first started MFP, my HR would be 180's during my p90x workouts.
Now, no matter how much I push myself I can never seen to get it above 160 at the highest. I guess this is a good thing??
Running is the only workout that really gets my heartrate up there anymore.

Does this just mean I am in better shape? Because I feel like I'm not pushing hard enough because I'm not seeing the same calorie burns.


  • DannyMussels
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    I would say thats exactly what it means.

    The lower your heart-rate the better.
  • DannyMussels
    DannyMussels Posts: 1,842 Member
    Mind you, I guess I should say when at rest.

    Low during exercise may mean you're just not pushing hard enough...

    Were you aware of your resting heart-rate before?
  • Tankplanker
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    Agreed, you are definitely fitter, and that you need to push yourself more. Have you tried Insanity? It's a major test if you haven't done anything like that before.

    First workout your max heart rate by taking you age from 220. You should try to workout between 60 and 80% of max heart rate during your workout, and you should get more benefit if you vary your heart rate during a workout as well.
  • crux
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    The fitter you get the more effort it takes to get your heart rate up towards the max. But your max heart rate will not change with fitness (only very slowly with age). So if you could hit 180's before you can do again now, just may need a different type of exercise to get there.

    What should change with fitness is your resting heart rate, which will go down the better conditioned you are. That's the heart rate number you should track regularly.