Difficult to log some Exercises

Ok, so where I work there is a place I can walk and it is basically in the shape of an oval and has stairs at each end. On my breaks and lunches I will walk around the oval and then up a set of stairs walk across up stairs and then back down the stairs at the other end. My dilemma here is I'm not sure the best way to accurately track my calories burned. Thoughts?


  • I also walk a few flights like you do several times a day... The only way I've found to log them is to log them separately as "Walking, stairs" and estimate the time you're on the stairs for the day. Sorry I can't help more... Maybe someone will annswer for both of us! Have a great day! :happy:
  • I agree with the difficulty of tracking some exercises. I do 3 miles of interval training....how would one track that?
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    maybe log it as walking with an incline?
  • Maybe doing a variation of "Walking, X.X mph", and add "Walking, X.X mph, uphill" for the total amount of time you spend doing stairs? Or just simply put "Walking" and enjoy the results that follow by burning more calories than you had logged :). I personally use a variation because part of my cardio is warming up for strength training, and the other is cooling down after, so they are very rarely at the same speed.

    Hope this helped!
  • I'm having that same problem. Good luck! :)
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    This is when a HRM comes in handy. I borke down and bought one and it was well worth the money
  • Heart Rate Monitor will help, but you could also get a Pedometer. It will track your steps for the day. Everyone should walk at least 10, 000 steps a day. Then you can look it up on google and translate the steps to calorie burning...hope this helps some.