4 days using elliptical and my arms hurt

Should I use it today, too? I don't know whether to give myself a day to feel better, or if I should just use the treadmill today instead, or if I should keep going on the elliptical in order to get better. (I can barely keep the machine from pausing during my 30 minutes.)
Also, I haven't used the circuit machines yet. Are they harder than the elliptical? Should I maybe do the circuit machines one day and elliptical the next?
Thanks for any advice you give me.


  • lawtechie
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    If you've gone 4 days in the row using the elliptical and can't make it through 30 minutes without a pause, I would cut back. Go on the treadmill, go for a brisk walk outside. Do something different and give your arms(?) a rest.

    A bit of pain after a workout is expected, but it's good to mix it up and use different muscle groups.

    If you're completely new to exercise, I would suggest a complete rest today. 4 days in a row is a great start!
  • Helenatrandom
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    Thanks, lawtechie. I appreciate the advice. I have only been exercising a few weeks, and I was starting slowly. I think I will rest my arms today. Thanks again.
  • Why do your arms hurt? I don't even move mine when using the elliptical : /
  • lawtechie
    lawtechie Posts: 708 Member
    Why do your arms hurt? I don't even move mine when using the elliptical : /

    Many elliptical machines have moving arm handles, to give you more of a cardio workout. I'm guessing she used them -- thus her arms hurt from being worked out pushing and pulling.