inches lost!

Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
yeah so i measured myself and in 3 weeks ive lost 12 inches off my body!!! no weight really but inches definitely


  • j_g4ever
    j_g4ever Posts: 1,925 Member
    WOW great job keep up the great work.
  • Mom2ATM
    Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
    thank youy i am now down almost 10lbs and a total of 15.5" in 4 weeks :) I can totally see a difference in my body already
  • gsager
    gsager Posts: 977 Member
    That kills me that people are losing all these inches and know weight. Are you sure that you are measuring in the same place? I just measure the 3 places on the site but I'm lost 11 lbs and no inches? Maybe I'm not measuring in the same place????
  • ksself
    ksself Posts: 9
    thats great. Know the feeling and it's really about how things fit anyway right?
  • LShandR
    LShandR Posts: 9 Member
    Could be muscle?
  • Mom2ATM
    Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
    darn idk which link to use to post pics on here?
  • Do you mind me asking what you've been doing?
  • Erica0718
    Erica0718 Posts: 469 Member
    wow, that is great! Have you been doing any special workout routine?
  • soniyamas
    soniyamas Posts: 160 Member
    I am jealous...:wink:

  • Mom2ATM
    Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
    i get bored EASILY so i change it up i may do zumba a lot, i have netflix on my wii so i go on there and use their crunch fitness videos i might run instead, i do the normal strength training like push ups, i can do 24 now on my knees instead of struggling to do 5, sometimes i may just dance around a lot, i keep busy by cleaning the house too! Plus i have a 7 month old who started crawling so im chasing after her and my 6 yo too :) at first i was fgetting discouraged as i wasnt seeing a loss on the scale but after seeing pics of myself before and now i can see the difference, my bras especially are so loose i think thats where a lot of my inches lost came from i lost 5.5" around my chest/back

    i just workout every single day pretty much for at least 30 min and get the strength training in, someone told me it was important to do so so i started doing it and it helps!
  • DarleneT22
    DarleneT22 Posts: 224 Member
    That's awesome!!
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