A Diffrent Kind of Breakfast

I switched it up today and had a 1 egg omelet with 3 oz of baked salmon and mixed veggies (peas, carrots, corn and green bean) in it. I have this omelet maker that you use in the microwave. It came out very good. Now I just need to freshen up the breath eating fish in the morning. Nice substitue to processed breakfast meat and I get some veggies in.


  • snookumss
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    Great Job! Today I went a different route than normal and treated myself too! I had half a muffin, with a hardboiled egg and little cup of applesauce. LOL! It was unusual for me, but very tasty :D
  • I too love my new found microwave egg maker. so much quicker and less mess. Just pop in what you want, nuke it, and wham, a healthy breakfast.
  • JeSuisPrest
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    It's been a while since I've done it, but I've been known to eat salad for breakfast.
  • radix89
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    One of my favorite salads is a breakfast salads. I use mixed greens, tomatoes, with a little white vinegar and olive oil as dressing, for protein I put a hot poached egg on top then mix it together.