Half Marathon

I did it, 9 months, 42lb and a lot of training I completed my half marathon.

It started at 11.45pm - slow start due to about 4000 people being set off in 2 minute intervals.
it took a mile for us to find our rythum and have the space to pick up the pace.

the route didn't follow the greatest route and walking past drunk people outside pubs with a person dressed
in full stormtrooper uniform is a nerve racking experience - one idiot even tried to jump on his back - i wasn't big
enough to stop him, all I could do was knock his glass out of his hand, as I thought he was going to hit my friend
on the back of his helmet with it.
on the loop back we were also walking some of the route on the same side of the road as those still walking up, and none of the roads were shut off so you had to keep stopping until it was safe to cross.

But we got there in the end,
one blister has developed overnight from a sore spot, and I have some blisters on my shoulders from carrying two backpacks as the trooper couldn't carry any water on his armour.

We finished in a time of 3 hours 35 minutes - might have finished 10 minutes earlier if not for the earlier mentioned issues and the fact the route was over a mile longer than it should have been - everyone's gps tracking has put the route as 14.3 miles

now what to try next?......

@ the welcome
my walking partner & I
on the start line
@ the finish
my medal


  • SJD_UK
    SJD_UK Posts: 5
    wooohooooo, look at you, you did awesome !!!

    proud of ya chick x
  • flausa
    flausa Posts: 534 Member
    Excellent! And just look at that beaming smile with your medal. You look ready to go another 13 miles!
  • getfitnfab
    getfitnfab Posts: 418 Member

    What a great feeling when you finally cross the finish line!!

    I finished my first in 3 hours 50 minutes, the second in 3 hours 30 minutes

    Have my third one coming up on October 16th.

    Thought about doing a full marathon, but am happy to do my half's. Heard from a lot of people who have done a full and worried about injuries that I may not be able to recover from.

    Have also picked up biking
  • sharonsjones
    sharonsjones Posts: 574 Member
    Awesome!! What a great feeling of acomplishment. I do my first one in Nov and I'm really excited!
  • rockstarginaa
    rockstarginaa Posts: 1,529 Member
    Congrats! I ran my first this past Sunday with a time of 2:27 :)
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