healthy snack?

I have to always have something in my mouth (if you had dirty thoughts shame on you!) :devil: I am constantly wanting to eat, chew gum, plastic, etc.

Is there anything that I can eat/ snack on that is relatively low in calories? I dont particularly like carrots and grapes are going out of season so i need something that i can eat that isn't goin to kill my calories count. Any ideas?

Thx in advance and God bless!


  • nikki778
    nikki778 Posts: 148 Member
    Celery sticks or sugarless gum are my in between no calorie distractions
  • tickletickle
    sunflower seeds, i enjoy them 1 by 1 instead of by the teaspoon. dnt eat too much cos the cals are higher but they are good for u
  • JIsh09
    JIsh09 Posts: 158
    Special K-Strawberry Cheesecake Bar-90 Cal.
  • hurton
    hurton Posts: 15 Member
    100 calorie popcorn. Butter or kettle!!