Affordable treadmill

I am looking into buying a treadmill in the near future (xmas time) but there are so many different kinds I don't know where to begin. I would like something under $600 that the incline can change.

What would you guys recommend? Any from sears that you love? They have layaway so i am thinking about going there...

Thx for all the help! God bless :)


  • Flyntiggr
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    I did a lot of research before I bought mine. You get what you pay for. Check out www.treadmill for reviews. Hands down, the Sole F63 is the best value on the market.
  • ♥_Ellybean_♥
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    Want mine?! LOL.. I hate the treadmill..we have been trying to sell it for a few weeks now
  • rockylucas
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    Honestly, I would see if you could just "borrow" one from a friend... I know so many friends/family that have treadmills gathering dust and/or acting as makeshift clothing storage areas in basements, back rooms, etc. People always buy treadmills and never use them. FInd someone that has one of those, ask to "borrow" it for a few weeks, and then when they forget about it, (since they had ceased ever wanting it in the first place), it's yours :)
  • lazatin
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    bump! i so want one before the snw flies here.
  • MrsRipdizzle
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    I bought a Sole F80 on Craigslist in the summer - I paid $650 and was elated at the deal considering they retail double that price and it was like new! So, be watching Craigslist. Sole is one of the best mid-grade treadmills out there. I absolutely adore folds up....but the running pad is a nice cushiony surface. That, coupled with my awesome Mizuno trainers, and I NEVER got shin pain or leg pain!
  • carpediem3
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    I have the Gold's Gym Crosswalk 570 and LOVE LOVE it. I paid $577, but noticed this weekend it was marked down to $487 grr
  • luvlite2
    I bought mine off was from a gym that went out of business so I was lucky..only paid $250 for it and it's fancy. So, I'd research what I found on there...they are so very expensive. good luck!
  • krm0789
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    We bought a $300 folding treadmill from amazon, I can get the name when I'm home... it does the job :)
  • fiftyandfit
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    Do you have a Craigslist for your area? Make sure it has enough HP and check the weight
    limits. The first one we bought, my husband bottomed out (belts wouldn't go) because he
    surpassed the weight limit...whoops! Our current holds up to 350lbs and has 4HP....