New to my fitness pal!

I go by Jenn and I'm determined to get back to the weight I was while I was active duty AF... I'll take all the help & support I can get ...

CW: 166
GW: 140-145


  • cairney4698
    Welcome to MFP. I am sure you will find all the help and support you are looking for here. Please feel free to add me as a friend if you wish
  • ChangingTami
    ChangingTami Posts: 109 Member
    Welcome......I am just joined a few days ago and the encouragement here is unbelievably wonderful! Best wishes on your journey!
  • SoliQ
    SoliQ Posts: 158 Member
    Welcome !! this is a great site and great support and motivation, you're welcome to add me! :happy:
  • bluegirl10
    bluegirl10 Posts: 695 Member
    Hi and Welcome! MFP is great and the support here is awesome! Good luck and feel free to add me! :flowerforyou:
  • SmugCanucksGal
    SmugCanucksGal Posts: 79 Member
    Welcome Aboard! We have about the same goal! Feel free to add me as a friend to help in the motivation process.
    The few people I do have on my friends list have been amazing in keeping me motivated!
  • JennC831
    JennC831 Posts: 631 Member
    Thank you! I will! 
  • krissykross
    Welcome! I hope you find what you're looking for here! You're welcome to add me if you'd like!