Kettlebell 10 min spurts

:bigsmile: OK... I like the Kettlebell workout.... I did 1 min reps followed by 1 min cardio. Warm-Up w/KB wrap around...1 min running in place... 1 min 2 arm snatch...1 min running in place... 1 min L arm snatch... 1 min foot fires... 1 min R arm snatch. Keep up the routine with different KB workouts. Give it a try. After I eat breakfast I'm going to do it again...doing 10 min spurts every hour until I have to leave for an appt. So I'll be doing this from 9 - 2pm today.


  • p0pr0cksnc0ke
    p0pr0cksnc0ke Posts: 1,283 Member
    Dang girl, your arms and hips will be feelin that tomorrow
  • ThePhoenixRose
    ThePhoenixRose Posts: 2,005 Member
    that sounds great!!! let us know how you feel tomorrow though!!!
  • LCFulmer
    LCFulmer Posts: 183 Member
    I'm feeling it in my shoulders and thigs... completed my 3rd round now this time I included situps with the KB. Should be on round 4 but needed to eat lunch.