visiting Las Vegas - anyone help with ?

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My mother in law and a friend are vsiting Las Vegas for a week, they have their hotel sorted but are
trying to get an idea of how much they might need as a minimum for evening meals and maybe some sight-seeing.

They are not worried about gamblng and they are in their 60's so I can't see them wanting to do anything too adventurous.

But how do meals work out on costs?
I only have experience of WDW so abit clueless.

Thanks for any suggestions


  • Fitnin6280
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    It kinda depends on what they want to eat you could spend anywhere from $15 for a buffett to $$$$$$$ for a nice sit-down meal. I suggest the buffetts. I think the one at the flamingo is fantastic!

    Also I would suggest the Hoover Dam tour for sight-seeing.

    Hope this helps!
  • Tangerine302
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    I think it just depends on what their tastes are as far as what the pricing would be. You can eat as little or as much as you would like I think. They have a variety of food available from buffets to other restaurants. I would say just bring their debit cards. :)
    We spent a lot of time just walking around and looking at everything. There is a lot of walking just getting from one place to another. They let you go through the different hotels, pool areas, etc. It takes a while to wander around. We saw a couple of shows. It's been a few years so I don't remember the pricing. Hope they have a great time! :)
    (Some of the shows include food too.)
  • Kimmy546
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    Oh boy, If they are eating in the hotels in Vegas it is going to be pricey... ballpark $500-$700... three meals a day I'm guessing.
  • stefchica
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    EAT OFF THE STRIP!!!!! thats the best way...its the normal range of eating out buutt if they're gonna eat on the a mcdonalds meal is about 3 dollars MORE than other places and restaurants are about $5+ dollars more. if you can....get hte buffets, they're the "best" deal there but try to eat off hte strip as much as possible, they'll save TONS of money that way!!!
  • stefchica
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    1 person meal breakdown about:

    breakfast- $20
    snack- $15
    lunch- $30
    dinner- $ 40+
    alcohol- $15-20+ PER DRINK

    thats about the price range of it all. have them walk around as much as possible to save cab fare money.........circus circus usually has cheaper food.....and buffets
  • macpatti
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    I recommend the buffet at Bellagio, It's not cheap, but it's not too expensive. They'll be able to eat for as little as $15 a person quite easily. Not sure how long they're staying, but last time we were there we took a bus tour to the Grand Canyon, They'll get to see the Hoover Dam along the way. They should also try to see the view from the Stratosphere. There's also an on and off bus that they can ride up and down the strip as many times as they want. Fun to do during the day and again at night. Not too pricey. Hope they have fun!
  • theba2il
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    Google...Free things to do in Las Vegas. There are couple of great sites. For example, the Arboretum at Bellagio is a must! I live in Las no worries on food. There are tons of places to eat on the strip so they will be able to find something within their budget.
  • livnlite
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    There are soooo many places to choose from .. It would very difficult to say what the cost would be because not all restaurant choices are created equal..

    You can spend anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollar for a meal. Depends on where you go. (IE: fast food like McDonald's as opposed to a formal dinining room). Buffets are often the best value for your dollar...if you have a healthy appetite...because they are 'all you can eat'.
  • goron59
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    Last couple of times I stayed in Vegas I didn't pay anything for food and very little for accommodation. Did quite a bit of gambling and the comp system at the Bellagio worked well in our favour.

    Ignoring that, remember that drinks are free if you are gambling in the main casinos. Buffets are very good value too.
  • CrystalFlury
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    Food there is pricey. Be expecting to pay around $15 per person if you do a buffet (I'd do the buffets only if you want to be cheap and have a large variety of food). Like someone else said Bellagio is the best one!
  • catshark209
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    I was just there in June with my 10 year old son. Since obviously I wasn't gonna hit the clubs with a little boy, I still ended up paying $$$ for different things.
    The Strip is omg expensive. Being from California, I figured it couldn't get worse than San Francisco, but it was. If you run out of hair spray or toothpaste and buy it on the Strip, its double the price.
    That being said, the buffet in Circus Circus is good and the food court in the Riviera is awesome too.
    Go to Hoover Dam. I did the Hoover Dam Tour Company and I loved it. They're in the Planet Hollywood casino. Also the Fremont St Light Show was free and awesome. I liked that part of Vegas better than the Strip. The Strip was too glossy for me. Its what I get here in Cali...and Fremont St was grittier and more real...but that''s just me. My son liked watching the street performers there too.
    The aquarium in Mandalay Bay is fun. Go to the Blue Man Show. My boy loved it.