Am I doing it right?

I've been trying to lose weight for about 3 months now and have had some excellent results, but I need to step up my game. Until now I've been just relying on my normal activity level for exercise (I'm a nanny and run after small children all day, push them all over in their strollers, I live in Brooklyn so I do a LOT of walking on a daily basis, easily 15 miles but I really need to get a pedometer to check that). Other than that, I don't really exercise currently. I'd really like to take a yoga or Pilates class again, or join a gym with a pool - those are really about the only forms of exercise I enjoy and know I can stick with. I have sports induced asthma and running isn't really an option. Also, I hate it.

I cut out all the 'bad' foods in my life, like bagels with cream cheese - the shop I went to most has bacon cream cheese I can't say no to, so I just stopped going there regularly. I was finding it really hard to eat well while watching the children all day, or eat at all, and I knew that was wrong. I started filling a bag with fruits and nuts to take with me every day, and started trying to eat breakfast on some sort of time schedule; it used to vary from 8am to sometime after noon before I'd really eat anything at all. I cut out soda and that third cup of iced coffee, as well as the stick of butter I was putting in my dinner every night.

After about 3 months of just those lifestyle changes, I've lost 15 pounds and dropped a pant size! I’ve become more stringent with my eating habits, I now eat mostly raw during daylight and save my 'real' meal for dinner but I'm not sure how good that works out in reality. I feel better after 2 weeks of doing it, so I assume it's at least not horrible. If anything, I'm eating MORE during the day than I was previously because I'm not freaking out about not having anything healthy available. After logging for just a day here, I am under my net calories by about 200 and wondering if that is ok? Yesterday was a slightly off day for eating, I normally eat a little more than that but I was particularly busy and out of some things I normally eat.


  • Hi It sounds right to me. You are getting alot more excercise then I do with the walking. I think swimming is a good excise for weight lost. Keep up the good work .
  • I think it sounds like you're doing great! I have been under my calorie levels every day (I've only been on for a week) as well, because of the extra calories I'm allowed after exercising. One day I was really low and the auto-calculator gave me a reprimand :). I'm not a breakfast person, but I've started to have a yoghurt in the morning, and maybe another in the afternoon to round things out. I used to be a don't eat at all until dinner kind of person, so this is all new to me too. I'm trying to hit within a couple of hundred calories what it is aiming for.

    I would get a pedometer for sure and track that walking, it is great exercise.

    Keep up the good work!