Low fat/carb Indian foods?

My boyfriend has just phoned to say the wants to taje me tn resturant tonight. I was wonderinv if anyone couls pkease suggest some low fat/carb foods I could order? Slightly in panic mode as wasn't expecting this and only have 682 cals left!! Any help would be grately appriciated!


  • MrsBlobs
    MrsBlobs Posts: 310 Member
    Anything cooked in a tandoor oven (tandoori) that is dry should be ok, maybe a mixed grill. Plain rice. I'm not sure...sorry.

    Edit - didn't see the low carb bit - so maybe not the rice.
  • Lucylaser
    Lucylaser Posts: 94 Member
    Tandoori Chicken/Fish would be great. Most of the veggie stewed dishes in indian cuisine are cooked with a lot of ghee (butter) and cream and can be deceiving. I'm looking at you sneaky Sag Paneer (one of my faves)!!
  • pixiechick8321
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    Try dal or lentil soup...

    also ask for it made healthier ;-)

    don't drink the chai, stick with water