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B3Streeter Posts: 292 Member
My first 1/2 marathon is coming up at the end of the month in Cape Cod & i can't wait! My goal from the start has been to be under 2hrs. For my long run with my Fiance this Sat. he wouldn't tell me our route or distance until the run was overwith, and I wasn't allowed to wear a watch. Well, at the end of the run, it turns out I had ran the full 13.1miles in 2hrs 2min!!! 9:20min/miles. Being that it was just a training run, I feel as though iI can run so much faster when the race days comes, because of all the people and excitement. Plus I felt great the whole run. Now, I'm thinking of changing my goal to 1:50. & I think I can reach it if I really push myself. I'm very excited!


  • quitmakingexcuses
    quitmakingexcuses Posts: 906 Member
    That's fantastic! I'm just trying to work on a 5k right now. :) Good luck at your race!
  • LilMissStrawberry
    LilMissStrawberry Posts: 34 Member
    As a side note, how great of your fiance to come up with an idea like that! My BF would never EVER run that far with me, let alone come up with an idea like that! Sounds like a keeper :)
  • B3Streeter
    B3Streeter Posts: 292 Member
    Thanks! He is a keeper! Sometimes I swear he is the fastest man alive, but he has been training with me and always lets me pick the pace, but pushes me when I need it. & he will be staying right with me for the race!
  • joehempel
    joehempel Posts: 1,761 Member
    That's great!!! But a 12 minute difference might be tough! But if you're up for a 8:45/8:50 pace then nail it!! Im hoping to run at a 9:08 pace to get under 2 hours mu first half in 2 weeks!! Yikes...gotta take care of this injury first!
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