25 Mile Challenge, 10/10-10/10/16, open group

Hi everyone! New week, new 25 mile challenge!

This is a weekly challenge to chart 25 miles on any exercise equipment or outside running, walking, ect. We welcome anyone who would like to join us, this has become a great motivation for me! I will update the miles daily so we know where we all are.
Happy trails to everyone!
Some basics for this challenge:
-Post your completed miles each day to this thread. Feel free to friend me, but make sure to let me know it's for this challenge.

-I will keep your name on the list if you miss a couple of days, but if I don't hear from you for three days I will assume you've lost interest. If that's not the case, just reply to the thread with your completed miles and I'll add you back on :)

-These miles can be completed in just about whatever manner you prefer, and however spread out. If you want to knock out 10 three times this week, go for it. I usually do 2 every day on the treadmill, but head to the gym Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for bike time and elliptical.

-This is a friendly challenge! It's okay if something comes up and you can't reach goal. We are here to motivate each other :)

Happy miles to all!