A special Invite to our PREGNANT population here at MFP!


I wanted to extend an invite to you ladies. We have a group on Facebook called "Fit for Life". It started as 1 group but we've had so much interest that we now have 6 groups, totally around 350 members. Well, noticing that we had left out a huge group of woman, I have just opened 'Fit for Life - Pregnancy'... This is a great place to learn and post and teach. Motivational and Inspiration quotes and photos, etc. We've already began posting things about staying fit and healthy during pregnancy. If you are interested, please visit our Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/FitforLifeCommunity - the page is public but ALL groups are SECRET (only members know you're a member.) When you visit the page you can contact me 1 of 2 ways. Leave a message ON the page, or find me on the lower left hand side (Page Owner: Krystal--) and send me a personal/private message. When leaving your message, be sure to say "FFLP" :)

I look forward to see you there! :)