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Diet Help Needed

One quick look at my diary will show you how woeful it is :( Any criticism (without being too mean pleeease) most appreciated.

I really want to try clean eating but I
a) am rarely at home for more than one waking hour a day
b) don't like foods that have been mixed together
c) don't like vegetables apart from carrots, broccoli, cauiflower, cucumber, mangetout, celery and iceburg lettuce
d) don't like nuts
e) don't like red meat
f) don't like anything in a sauce
g) am wary of not knowing exactly how many calories I am eating (hence fondness for packeted foods!)

I kind of know how clean eating works but I'm struggling to think how I can make it work for me within those restrictions!!

I need a total lifestyle change and have no idea how to achieve it. Any clean (or cleaner than me!) eaters out there who have any meal ideas they could share with me that I might eat??

Maybe I will just have to become less fussy somehow. Anybody succeeded in changing their tastebuds?

Also - is low fat yogurt clean?


  • desiree111078
    i like you dont like nuts or vegies other then lettice potato kumera and pumpkin i dont eat grenn veg other then lettice at all
    and i struggle be intrested in what other people suggest also
  • hazelnut861
    hazelnut861 Posts: 390 Member
    You can eat great on the foods you like. As far as knowing the exact calories,get a food scale that usually comes with a little calorie/gram book and try cooking a bunch of meals at once in individual portions. I have trouble with time for breakfast. I drop two slices of bread in the toaster and and egg in the microwave and slap it together with some spinach and mustard. Eat it in the car. I eat my breakfast in the car regularly :). I eat greek yogurt in the car too now. And oatmeal. Work with you got and squish in the time to make healthy choices. It's also cheaper than prepackaged foods generally.
  • rkellon
    rkellon Posts: 31 Member
    Could eating to few calories cause a headache? Every time I try to cut my calorie intake I get headachy. Is this normal or should I just fight thru it?
  • val071418
    val071418 Posts: 96 Member
    I don't have any meals off the top of my head for you, but what I would suggest if you can find time ONCE a week to spend time at home cooking, you can cook for a week and freeze everything so that you can defrost it the day before and walah! Good food. Check out they have some calorie friendly meals and snacks and many of them are freezer friendly. I actually think there is a tab for freezer friendly on the site. Hope this helps and good luck on your journey!! :smile:
  • jellybaby84
    jellybaby84 Posts: 583 Member
    val - thank you for the suggestion, I suppose I could try to cook on Sunday afternoons for a few days. I haven't got a freezer but I suppose things would keep in the fridge for a while.

    rkellon - headache likely to be dehydration I'd have thought.