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Ok, so I went to the gym yesterday and they did an assessment. He put me on a scale and this receipt prints out with my weight, body fat percentage, BMI, healthy ranges for these, etc.

My question is how accurate are these scales for body fat percentage? Or would it be best to go somewhere where they use the calipers?

Thank you in advance for the input.


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    The scale versions are less accurate than the body calipers, but it will give you an estimation or relatively close measurement, but it is always better to go with calipers.
  • I don't trust the scales. And calipers depend on the trainer measuring. And all those measurements (weight, height, hips, waist, etc) that you plug into a calculator aren't great either. It's all an estimate. I'd say calipers are your best bet though.
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    I'm interested in this too... my digital scale at home tells me the body fat percentage (it has these little "sensor" things on it... it's a more expensive one) and was wondering how accurate they are. I'll be watching this post...
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    Not a trainer, but I think it depends on the scale. Mine at home measures bf and it tells me something differenct all the time. I see a nutritionist and she has a VERY expensive, fancy scale (which is why I see her, lol) I have compared the printout from hers with caliper measurements and it seems pretty consistently accurate. I guess it depends on how accurate a measurement you need. Calipers won't lie though :)
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    scales and calipers aren't very accurate.
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    I think it really depends on the type of scale. My Dr. has one that is REALLY expensive and uses a current to accurately tell you everything. IF it's one of those, then yes trust it.
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    bump! Very good question Krys.