I keep going over my sugar intake

BUT the only sugars I regularly consume are naturally occurring ones in fruits and vegetables. It feels like if I have an apple and a banana, I'm already at my limit for the day. Is this something I should be concerned with?


  • _GlaDOS_
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  • honu18
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    not if they're in fruits and natural sugars like in plain yogurt and stuff. i wouldn't worry. i go over my sugars RIDICULOUSLY every day haha
  • ashnm88
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    I have the same trouble, as long as it natural sources of sugar its fine, now if it was from pop or junk food then obviously not.
  • Victoriav99
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    Not if they are fruits and veggies. If it was candy and sweets then yes.
  • beccalucy
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    I have the same problem. As the vast majority of mine are from fruit and yoghurt I don't worry too much!
  • havalinaaa
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    Thanks everyone, that's what I was thinking but seeing myself go over every single day was getting a little worrisome.
  • Gigi_licious
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    I'm only given the response that I have seen my smart people friends give....and I hope I don't fail them by saying it wrong....as long as you are eating at a deficit, it does not matter if you are over on your sugars. You will still lose weight.
  • Lindsey_81
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    I decide to take my sugar off the count, I always went over too and it was frustrating. I added sodium instead...its easier to maintain.