Flying by the seat of our skinny little pants WK3(closed gro

Hello Ladies!
How is everyone doing this week? Did you reach your goals? Did you take the mini challenges? Hope you are all feeling well and ready for another week of some great calorie busting!

We are just at the tip of Sri Lanka today, good job ladies, excellent effort! You are all doing such a great job! Remember we are each at our own place in this whole healthy living/lose weight game and so do not be ashamed if you are reporting lower numbers than you think you should, or if you take a rest day...or two! Just keep plugging away at it and do the best you can, we are all here cheering each other on!

I'd like to make a goal of reaching the far end of Australia for this week, place mark 9.

As always, be watching for mini challenges throughout the week!

All right, take care all, and happy flying :smile:,-72.509766&spn=5.002057,9.876709


  • babydull
    babydull Posts: 727 Member
    We're doing awesome!
    Well I've not done well on either my water challenge nor my mixing it up with work-outs mini challenge.
    I'll do better once this virus has gone.
    How's everyone else doing?
  • LivLovLrn
    LivLovLrn Posts: 577 Member
    Are you ready for this weeks' first mini challenge? OK!!
    Look at your exercise diary for last week. For each day take your total calories and add 10% to make that your goal for this week.
    So if on Monday last week I burned 100 calories, this week I will try to burn 110 calories this Mon
    and on Tuesday I burned 500 calories, then I will try to burn 550 calories this Tues
    and so on!

    Doing great Ladies...let's get flying :)

    PS if you have been ill and your counts are down last week from you usual workout, then use the previous weeks' calories burned instead ;)
  • VeroJuly
    VeroJuly Posts: 101 Member
    SWEET! that is a nice way to make us step up! I love it!♥
  • LivLovLrn
    LivLovLrn Posts: 577 Member
    Ok, so TOTALLY forgot that I hadn't given Lee the numbers for the last 3 days of last week so we need a new goal!!! I am going to say lets work toward getting to the as close to HAWAII as we can by the end of the week. Great job ladies :)
  • Tree72
    Tree72 Posts: 942 Member
    Thanks for designing a new challenge for us. :)

    I did great on the drinking more water last week, but didn't get in a class or outdoor routine to switch things up.
  • LivLovLrn
    LivLovLrn Posts: 577 Member
    Here's your next mini challenge! Are you ready? Ok, look at your food diary, find your weakest point. Is it that you always go over on your sodium? or that you are always under on your protein? Choose ONE of your weaknesses and concentrate this week on increasing/decreasing that number by half per day. So if I go over on my fat by 10 or more pretty regularly, I am going to try to keep that number to around 5 instead. Or if I am under my protein by 30 or more, I am going to try to only be under by 15 or so. Get it? Alright! Let's see how it goes :smile:
  • babydull
    babydull Posts: 727 Member
    I'm doing rubbish on these mini-challenges, I'm, afraid. I'll try to increase my protein but I've little in the house and no money for groceries.